Eating Vegan on a budget

Eating Vegan on a budget

I think that there is a misconception that eating vegan is expensive because we eat so much fruit, which I do for sure, but it really isn’t expensive. Eating vegan may even save you money, it has for me and there are many tips and tricks to eating vegan on a budget that I am going to share here with you 🙂


  • Buy in bulk: I always do a bulk shop, have my cupboards full and then just top up when I need to. buying odd bits here and there can be a lot more costly!
  • Shop online: I buy in bulk my “health foods” online at They also have their store through Amazon so it’s worth a look, or just explore online and most things you will find a LOT cheaper than your conventional Health Food stores.
  • Shop at local farmers markets: I wish I could shop like this all the time but unfortunately I can’t. However if you are fortunate enough then this is a fantastic way to save money, support local farmers and eat organically too!
  • Shop at Lidl or Aldi: Lidl and Aldi are perfect for fresh fruits and vegetables and canned beans, lentils, chopped tomatoes and pasatta. They’re cheaper than the supermarkets and taste just as good as branded products too.
  • Buy cheaper fruits and vegetables: apples and bananas for example are a lot cheaper than papaya and mango. Carrots and potatoes are also cheaper than squashes and asparagus. They’re cheaper but also still greatly nutritious and delicious.
  • Buy frozen vegetables: these are frozen right at when they’re picked and the goodness is stored within the veg as it’s frozen so they’re actually more nutritious than that carrot that’s been sat in the fridge for 2 weeks. They’re also super quick and easy to cook with too which is also a favourite of mine!
  • Buy in season: fruit and vegetables in season are always super cheap compared to out of season fruits so buy these! In season nectarines will cost you 69p a punnet, out of season can cost you almost £4 a punnet; so stick to in season produce!
  • Buy own brands: staples such as rice, pasta and potatoes etc will taste just the same as over priced branded products so stick to the basics!
  • Buy dried herbs and spices: don’t spend lots of money on fresh ingredients if you can’t afford to. Staple spices and herbs are great for quick, easy and still delicious recipes.
  • Make a shopping list: I know it is easily done but walking nito the supermarket without a list means we usually end up going crazy and buy tons of food we do not need, so qrite a list before you go and stick to it.
  • Don’t go shopping when you’re hungry: Obvious one here but I have to say it. Going shopping when you’re hungry is a no no because we can to buy the whole store and spend way more than we need to. Eat first people 🙂
  • Freeze left overs or have them the next day: No one likes waste. Any leftovers save for the next day, put in a tuppawear, freeze them until a rainy day, or even if its a small amount of food that wont make a meal keep hold of it and add it into tomorrows meal. i.e. got a small amount of rice and beans left? Add it into tomorrows lunch or dinner.

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