Jamie’s Italian

Jamie’s Italian

A chain that offers a variety of vegan food, say whaaat!? Dining out as a vegan is sometimes difficult and you may end up eating something really boring so that you can be catered for; and that’s no fun, especially when you’re paying probably quite a lot for it too.

This weekend I went to Jamie’s Italian, I always check menus before hand, and saw that he had more than one vegan option. I was pretty happy. It’s also great because if you’re with non-vegan friends then you don’t want to keep dragging them to vegan restaurants all the time so having variety here is fantastic!

I had the vegan bread board to start and then a baked aubergine dish, which both were so delicious I was pretty happy! It’s clearly stated on the menu what is vegan and what can be MADE vegan for you, so it’s a good shout if you’re ever out and see one. Keep it in mind that he caters for vegans and on a good level; Pasta dishes included too with a choice of regular size or large 😉


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