Tips for eating out as a Vegan

Tips for eating out as a Vegan

If you’re new to Veganism then eating out might sound scary, but it’s really not. I promise. If you’re not comfortable asking the chef for special requirements, which is totally fine if you do feel confident, then hereĀ are a few little tips which will make eating out a much more pleasant experience for you šŸ™‚

  1. Check the menu before you go out : Some menus will specify what’s vegan and what isn’t, however if they don’t just check for foods without animal products OR if there’s something that is almost vegan but just has cheese or egg for example, then simply order this and ask for without cheese; they’ll be totally fine with this.
  2. Say you’re lactose intolerent:Ā ForĀ me it’s true but they may be more polite and giving if you say this. Sad but true.
  3. Opt for Italian, Indian, Chinese, Mexican, Thai, Vietnamese, Turkish or Greek:Ā Funnily enough international cuisineĀ have many more Vegan options than British. For example: pizza without cheese, tomato based pastas (check they’re egg free pasta), veggie stir fries and rice, lentil and veggie based curries, roasted veggies and hummus, Veggie Cous Cous based dishes, Veggie fajitas (without sour cream or cheese) etc.
  4. If in doubt call the restaurant and ask before hand: saves getting there unprepared and eating a bowl of plain salad instead.
  5. If really stuck order lots of side dishes: I’ve never had to do this, but in a situation where you’re really stuck and there’s nothing you can do, then order lots of side dishes. Rice, veggies, salad, potatoes etc. Better this than nothing.
  6. Find a veggie restaurant in the area on HappyCow or Google: This is always my favourite option šŸ™‚ but sometimes your friends might not want to eat a vegan meal, so not always possible. If you can sway them then this is The Best ! So many options, comfortable dining and delicious variety of nutrition ! Heaven.
  7. Eat before you go if unsure: Now, I’ve had situations where the restaurant or venue is booked and I’ve no idea what I’ll be eating, if at all, especially for situations when going to a party for example. So in theseĀ cases I’veĀ just made sure I’ve eaten something little like toast to keep me ticking over Just Incase! You never know. It’s happened a few times for me.

If I think of any more I shall update this but for now, good luck and enjoy yourselves šŸ™‚

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