Kiwi and Cherry Nicecream

Kiwi and Cherry Nicecream


My ultimate favourite breakfast is a bowl of fruit blended into a smoothie or Icecream, and this beauty is just incredible. Kiwi and Cherry Nicecream: The absolute best !

A few little facts about cherries:

  • Help fight diabetes due to a super low GI
  • Rich in antioxidents helping combat Alzeimers 
  • Slows the aging process, great for your skin
  • Reduces muscle inflammation meaning reduced muscle pains
  • Reduces joint pains from osteoarthritis

The difference between eating a bowl of Dairy Icecream and Banana Ice cream (aka Nicecream) other than the obvious health differences, is that Nicecream will leave you Satisfied and Nourished.

Dairy and sugar laden Icecream may taste good but it doesn’t leave you FULL. The high sugar and fat content makes you crave More and More to the point where you’ll probably feel quite sick. Nicecream however gives you that satisfaction of taste but will also keep you full for hours, nourished and not a shadow of guilt.

Now let’s stop the chit chat and get you started with the recipe 🙂


  • 3 Frozen Bananas
  • 1 Cup Frozen Cherries
  • 3 Kiwi Fruit


  • Squeeze of 1/2 lime (I just looove lime)
  • 1 tsp hemp protein powder (added protein)


  1. Add all ingredients into a high speed blender and BLITZ.


  • Add the fresh fruit to the bottom where the blades are so they can blend up first and give you some fluid to get the frozen fruit blended.
  • Be patient. Don’t overheat your blender. If the frozen fruit isn’t blending, stop, give it a mix and try again. If it still doesn’t blend, add in a little water, coconut water or dairyfree milk to get the blender going.
  • Frozen cherries from Tesco.

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