Apple Sauce Recipe

Apple Sauce Recipe

Hi Lovely People.

If you are following my Instagram page (hans_eats) you will see that for the past week or so I have been posting numerous pictures of my amazing morning oats, all which have contained Apple Sauce!! Therefore I thought I better share this recipe with you to try because combined with oats it is so good!


Before making this recipe I had never tried apple sauce before… that might sound crazy to some, especially Americans!! But I haven’t. People in the UK, from my experiences anyway, always eat it with Pork and even before I didn’t eat meat I really didn’t like the combination of sweet and savoury. Pineapple on Pizza? Yuuuuck!! Not for me. However, when I travelled to America for my Second Year of University I noticed that almost everyone ate Apple Sauce, and not with meat but with Cottage Cheese?! Or even as a snack by itself? I couldn’t get my head around it, lol.


Moving forwards 2 years I bought Deliciously Ella’s book and noticed that a lot of her sweet recipes had apple sauce in them which I thought was a great idea. The problem I had is that I didn’t want to go and buy a huge bag of apples to cook and then realise I didn’t even like apple sauce as a result, then waste the money AND the food! So, moving forward to summer time, I noticed that my Grandparents’ neighbours cooking apple tree was growing over into their garden significantly and there were a large amount of apples wanting to be picked!! Speaking to my Nan she said that we were allowed to pick them because the neighbour didn’t pick them ever anyway. Result!


So me and my beautiful Nephew went and picked a few that looked good and I took them home to experiment with. A result of this really long story is that I made some apple sauce, it was delicious, I ate it every day with my oats and on its own as a snack and I’ve now finished the jar and need to go and make some more!! I am now going to finally share this great recipe with you so you can enjoy it also.

Enjoy it any way you like.

Sweet? Savoury? On its own? Go crazy. You decide!


  • 10 Cooking Apples
  • 100 mls Water
  • Juice of 1 Lemon
  • Cinnamon (to taste)


  • Peel and core all the apples, then cut them into cubes
  • Add apples, water and lemon juice into a large pan and cook over a low heat
  • Cook until all mushy, this should only take about 10-15minutes
  • Wait to cool before placing in a large airtight jar and storing in the fridge
  • Keep for up to a week

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